Origami Napkins – The Grand Era??

Origami Napkins – The Grand Era??

Today napkins are practical, made from paper or cloth and folded, if at all, hastily into a rectangle. In the past, napkins weren’t just for wiping hands or protecting clothing, they were works of art.

A well presented table says a great deal about the “The Host”. It will send an inviting message of “Welcome” to my house and thank you for sharing my meal.

Select your napkin in an indicative way that will match the event you wish to celebrate. This will make the event  special and one to be remembered.

We at the Bigg Bites understand the first thing guests do when sitting at a table is to unfold their napkins.  The life of a folded napkin is extremely short, and this is why none of these intricate creations has survived in museums; the only way for people to see them again is if they are re-created.

The era of the Grand Napkin Folding is returning, from folded paper to folded art we hope you and your guests have a wonderful time with these unique modern folds.